Coco LaRain Veira started her speaking career at the age of 17, after becoming a teenage mother, she was asked by a Public Health Nurse to share her story with her fellow students to help them make positive choices. Coco fell in love with the art of using her experiences to inspire others and dedicated her life to helping people transform pain into power.

    Coco has spoken in over 500 schools and community organizations and has facilitated numerous corporate training seminars for business leaders and educators across Canada.


    "I was so angry but after she told us what she went through and she's still smiling, I know I could get through my struggles and smile again." Bellas Participant.


    Coco facilitates inspirational assemblies and life skills workshops designed to engage and educate youth.

    Coco willing shares her personal story to inspire youth to transform pain into power.


    Inspirational Assemblies

    Inspiring Youth in High Schools, Universities and Colleges

    Coco openly shares her life story inspiring youth to transform their pain into power. Keynotes are customized to meet the needs of each school and community organization. Topics include self-esteem development, emotional intelligence, mental health and wellness, leadership, academic confidence and career development. Coco also customizes assemblies to meet the needs of each organization. For more info please contact us

    Classroom Workshops

    Interactive Classroom Workshop

    Our Small Group Workshops are customized to meet the needs of each organization. Each workshop includes interactive art-based learning activities designed to re-enforce the theme. Topics include self-esteem development, anti-bullying, character education, emotional intelligence, mental health, leadership and career development. Coco also customizes her workshops to meet the needs of each organization.

    For more info please contact us


    B.E.L.L.A.S. Pretty Balance

    Inspiring Girls and Young Women from Gr. 4 to 12

    Bellas Stands for Beautiful, Educated, Loving, Liberated, Able and Successful.

    The B.E.L.L.A.S. Pretty Balance program is facilitated by Coco and her daughter Chantaya Veira a certified yoga instructor. We focus on helping young women feel beautiful brilliant and brave to ensure they make healthy choices. Topics include self-esteem, academic confidence, healthy relationships and lifestyles. We utilize the performing arts and mindfulness throughout our assemblies and workshops. We also have a Baby Bella and Bella Moms program (see below) Click Here to Visit the B.E.L.L.A.S. website.


    Training created by Coco's Son Jordon Veira

    Coco LaRain Veira's Son Jordon Veira is the creator of the JV Brave Programs designed to empower youth with an understanding that they can share their truth through Bold, Real, Awkward, Vulnerable Expression. Although Jordon is only with us is Spirit, Coco has vowed to continue his work to ensure his legacy lives on. For more info please visit www.jvbrave.com


    Believe it or not, Coco also specialized in working with children from preschool to grade 5.

    Through interactive assemblies and workshops, Coco inspires children to overcome bullying and low self-esteem and develop strong character traits so they can lead and succeed.


    Baby B.E.L.L.A.S.

    Training for girls in grades 4 to 8

    The Baby Bellas program focuses on self esteem development inspiring girls to believe that they are beautiful from the inside out. Our workshops are interactive and allow girls to truly express themselves through visual and performing arts learning activities.




    Coco Stories

    Assemblies and workshops for K to gr. 8

    Coco loves facilitating fun outside-the-box assemblies that are both interactive and educational. Children love getting dressed up and acting out the stories Coco tells ensuring they get a change to practice the lessons they are learning. Topics include anti-bullying, character educations, African Heritage, literacy and leadership.



    Kiddy Coco Stories

    Storytelling for pre-school children

    Coco loves sharing stories with preschool children. Preschool love singing along and acting out the stories Coco shares with puppets, instruments and lots of laughter.



    As an internationally certified Corporate Training, Stress Management and Life Skills Coach Coco

    has developed various personal and professional development training programs

    for women, parents, educators, professional, front line workers and business leaders.

    Coco has travelled across Canada to deliver numerous seminars focused on

    emotional intelligence, communication styles, personality dimensions and leadership.


    The Brave B.E.L.L.A. Moms Program  

    Training for young and mature mothers

    The Brave B.E.L.L.A. Moms program teaches young and mature single mothers to take ownership of their parenting experience in a way that empowers their children and themselves. Coco shares her own experiences as a teenage mother and a mature single mother of three and helps moms unpack some of inner and external challenges so they can embrace themselves as Beautiful, Educated, Loving. Liberated and Able Moms.



    Training for Educators, Social Workers, & Business Owners, Managers

    IThriive is a personal and professional development workshops series emotional intelligence. Coco provides practical steps educators, front line and community workers and business leaders can utilized to empower the people they serve while taking good care of themselves to ensure they don't experience burn out, compassion fatigue and stress-related complications.


    Broken Heals 

    Training for Survivors of Trauma and Abuse

    Co-Founded by Natasha Helwig and Coco LaRain, Broken Heals is dedicated to inspiring, educating and celebrating women through inspirational events, therapeutic-arts workshops and life skills coaching.

    We help women use their brokenness to heal themselves and others.

    Click Here to Visit the Broken Heals Website.


    Speak Your Pain Into Power 

    Training for emerging Speakers

    Coco is on a mission to train other speakers with an interest in following in her footsteps to share their pain stories in a way that honours the audiences as well as themselves. There was a season when Coco first started speaking that she was Bleeding while Leading and did not have the tools she needed to keep herself safe on the stage. Coco openly shares her tricks of the trade to ensure each speaker is equipped with a clear understanding of how to speak their Pain into Power.



    Hiding in Wallpaper Flowers - Coming Soon
    Coco shares 7 Secrets that set her soul free from the side effects of sexual abuse. For so long Coco was suffering in silence from poison that her trauma left behind some of which she did not even recognize as side-effects. Coco has made it her mission to help as many people as possible by exposing the real damage caused by abuse.
    Coming soon

    “Coco LaRain is an extraordinary spoken word artist and singer and she has done amazing work with our girls” Mr. Knight, Principal, Sir Robert L Bordon High School


    “It was a privilege having Coco work with our students over the past 5 years.” Mrs. Nanivati, Principal, Fletchers Meadow Secondary


    “The teachers said the workshop was excellent, they found the information both useful and informative.”

    Mrs. Jan, President, Peel Elementary Teachers Union


    “Coco, thank you for your raw searing truth and love, you are healing many with your art, voice and heart.”

    Mr. Jeff Perera, White Ribbon


    “Coco your voice is needed in this world, keep sharing keep inspiring young minds.”

    Abuse Survivor Stories Audience Member


    ‘Coco you are amazing, I am lost for words and so thankful to have seen you speak today you are a light in this world.” B.E.L.L.A.S. Program Participant


    “I wanted to commit suicide, but after I heard Coco speak, I knew I could overcome anything”. Student

    1. Expert Youth Speaker With A Proven Track Record

    Coco is a multi-award winning Ted Talk speaker with 23 years of experience inspiring youth with her story “The Journey from Abused Teenage Mother to Motivational Speaker, Mentor and Workshop Leader”. Coco has spoken to thousands of young people at over 500 schools, conferences, churches and universities since she started her career in 1992. Teachers, Administrators and Students alike describe Coco as one of the best speakers they have ever heard.

    2. Relevant Lived Experience

    Coco’s lived experiences provide her with a real advantage, having experienced childhood abuse and teenage pregnancy, Coco can fully relate to young women facing similar challenges. As a Speaker, Coco can open up about her past with ease which allows participants to feel safe and understood. Her transparent approach opens the lines of communication between the Teachers, Guidance Counselors and Social Workers and the youth, young women Coco primarily servers who are all too often suffering in silence. Coco’s Story truly touches the hearts and minds of audiences of all ages and backgrounds

    3. Effective Program Delivery Method

    Knowing that students have different learning and communication styles there is a need to utilize alternative approaches and methodologies to ensure students are engaged. Coco is a professionally trained and experienced Vocal Artist, Actor and Spoken Word Poet who specializes in utilizing the arts to engage, educate and equip participants throughout the learning process. It’s the combination of personal and leadership development and performing arts training at its best.

    4. Easy to Work With

    It was a Teacher, a Social Worker and a Public Health Nurse at Coco’s high school that gave her the opportunity to share her story which starts her Motivational Speaking Career over 23 years ago and Coco has truly enjoyed working with Educators ever since. Coco knows the value of building strong partnerships with open lines of communication with the dedicated Educators she works with to ensure the B.E.L.L.A.S. project programs meet the needs of the students in their care.


    Multi-Award Winning Speaker

    Toronto's Mayor John Tory Presents Coco with 

    The Black Canadian Role Model Award 

    from the Diversity Advancement Network 



    Future Aces Unsung Hero Award

    Herbert H Carnegie Foundation Award


    George Washington University's Hot Mamma's Award



    100 Black Women to Watch Award



    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.

    Toronto Canada
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